A Heart to Heart Conversation About Your Relationship

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[Note 1: I highly recommend that you carefully read all of this if you are interested in either private coaching or group coaching]

[Note 2: This isn’t a “public” post that I want shared all over the internet. This is only for the interest list that you are a part of. So please don’t share this on social media :)]

Hi, this is Clay and I’m hoping that you have a little time today to have a heart-to-heart conversation. I think it’s about time. In fact, I think it’s overdue.

I’m talking about a GOOD heart-to-heart conversation (not like the kind of heart-to-heart people have when they break up—this is the opposite of that kind of conversation).

Pull up a chair and let’s have a heart-to-heart conversation…

Something Has Been Brewing

(But Brewing Nonetheless)

I’ve been helping people with relationships, dating, and breakups for almost 10 years (back when the only other relationship videos on YouTube just had robot voices and stock photos).

And even though I’ve been asked many, many times over the past year or so to coach people and help them with their breakup, their dating life, or their relationship… I’ve resisted it.

After all, my wife and I are new parents, and juggling a new human life (!) with running a business has been a real struggle.

I honestly didn’t think that I would have the time to really handle coaching.

But now that we’ve started to find our own rhythm with our daughter (who is quickly coming up on her first birthday—where did the time go…?), I’m starting to open up to the idea again.

So, a few weeks ago, I asked you if you’d be interested in having me be your coach.

…And (lo and behold) between emails, blog comments, etc. I’ve received HUNDREDS of responses from people from all over the world (living in my city… to all the way on the other side of the world!).

Every time I’ve written a blog post or email about this coaching experience (which we are all building TOGETHER), I’ve received an unimaginable number of replies and comments.

I thought I was dreaming. I thought I was hallucinating. I just didn’t anticipate a response like this.

But What Surprised Me Was How Much Your Responses Impacted Me on a Personal Level

I didn’t anticipate that all of this would have a deep and profound impact on me, emotionally.

Your surge of support was encouraging and exciting and unreal and inspiring and overwhelming and humbling and scary.

And for the first time in a long time, I got REALLY excited about a new project for my business.

But in the midst of the range of emotions WE ARE ALL feeling about this, I never felt intimidated.

Back when the hundreds of responses started coming in, I never felt intimidated.

How I Came to Feel Intimidated

A few days ago, I asked everyone interested in group coaching to fill out a survey.

Again, I received hundreds of responses that were detailed, thoughtful, and amazing.

And it was looking through these responses that I started to feel intimidated. Looking at these response helped me realize the immensity of what we are about to do together. I got intimidated because there is nothing quite like what we are about to do.

In your survey responses, you told me that you want support, you want individual coaching calls and check-ins, you want to know that you’re not alone, you want to be around people that support and encourage you–among many other things!

AND I DON’T BLAME YOU. I Think You Need These Things Too!

But it hit me that this isn’t going to just be some fun side project (although it certainly would be fun). With the hundreds of comments I’ve gotten, it occurred to me that this is going to be bigger than I imagined.

I realized that, if this group coaching is REALLY going to work, this is going to need to be more than a fun project that I get excited about…

…And that I’m going to need to cancel some plans and rearrange my schedule for a few months.

And it hit hit me that this whole program won’t be dirt cheap to run or attend.

This will be an undertaking for both you and me because this isn’t just going to be a forum filled with newbies giving out “fortune cookie” advice. This is going to be an all-inclusive group coaching experience.

What It All Comes Down To…

I am 100% committed to making this work.

It is very important to me that my clients get the most that they can out of this.

If I go forward with this group coaching course, I cannot go halfway with this.

It’s all or nothing.

I want this to be the highest quality program out there. Hands down.

Let’s Talk…

Here’s The Part Where We Have a Heart-to-Heart

Going through this whole journey will, of course, be a learning experience for you.

But this will be a learning experience for me as well.

I will need to hone in on what is most useful to you and how to best help you and mentor you (so that you are equipped for ANY situation that comes up in your dating and relationship life).

The Very First Graduating Class (Exciting!)

When this group coaching program is open to the public, I want to have all the kinks worked out.

I want to ensure that the online curriculum covers the most important topics to you.

I want to make sure that our group coaching calls go off without a hitch.

And I want to have a ton of success stories and positive testimonials from the people that embark on this journey with me (you!).

When we officially open this up to the public, I want to make sure that everything works as well as possible.

How You Can Benefit From This

I am considering offering an initial group of people access to this group coaching experience for a sharp discount off of the eventual price.

These first few people will be the first graduating class, and they’ll probably also get other benefits too, that I’m toying with, but don’t feel comfortable announcing just yet.

Here’s the Trade-off…

As members of this first graduating class, I’ll want extra feedback and participation from you. I’ll want you to give me lots of input on the structure and content of the entire experience. What you’d like to spend less or more time on. And which aspects of the experience you find most valuable. And, of course, let me know as soon as possible if there are any technical glitches (and have patience with me as we get them fixed quickly…!).

And in Exchange for This, You’ll Get a Sharp Discount Off the Final Price

Oh yeah, and you’ll also get discounts, special perks, etc. on future group coaching or online courses that I create.

Are you POTENTIALLY interested in being a part of this?

At this point, I’m not looking for any commitments (after all, I haven’t even decided on the price yet…).

…But if you’re POTENTIALLY interested in being a part of the first graduating class, then please click this link to send me an email. (clay [at] modernlove.life)

Let me know:

1.) That you are interested, and…

2.) How much you think this group coaching should cost when we officially open up (remember that you will get a sharp discount).

IF I decide to move forward with this program, I’ll send you more details in the next few days.

Stay Tuned,


Please take a moment and send me an email, letting me know…


  1. Jonathan Colby

    I’m interested.

    The question about money comes to how you divide your time slots per customer per week.. if you do a 40 hour work week and you give each customer 2 hours of time a week, and you can innovate a way to scale (recruiting your wife or a friends help) than come up with what you want per hour… if you need help, make a poll and have your viewers vote on 4 choices..

    • Clay Andrews

      Thanks for the idea, Jonathan. I’ve been completely inundated with comments and emails, so sorry for the late response. I definitely want to make sure that each person the attention and focus that they need. I should have something ready to officially offer next week though.


    Thank you so much for all you do Clay. You really do make a difference in peoples lives.

    • Clay Andrews

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Michael!

  3. K

    “and juggling a new human life (!)”
    Are you hinting that Mika is pregnant again!? Or are you talking about your daughter 😉

    • Clay Andrews

      Oh goodness, no! We only have one baby. And that’s the way I’d like to keep it… at least for now (lots of teething drama in our house right now… and it’s making me feel completely okay with only having one child 🙂


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