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Design the love life you want with Advanced Relational Skills


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Modern Love

Design the love life you want with Advanced Relational Skills


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Authentic Expression & Communication

Cultivate Advanced Relational Skills

How you view yourself, the world and other people are at the foundation of great relationships and successful love stories. With the Advanced Relational Skills, you’ll learn how to express your most authentic self and inspire a deeply committed and loving relationship while deepening your awareness level, acceptance and strengthening your composure in all situations.

Community & Support

The Modern Love Association:

Our exclusive online community facilitates a space for you to practice the Advanced Relational Skills and get answers to your burning questions. Inside the online community, you can also participate in our weekly Mentorship Q&A with Clay and Mika.

The Whole Relationship Spectrum

Overcome Each Relationship Roadblock:

With many online courses and books to choose, you’ll learn how to navigate the turbulent waters of the trials and tribulations of modern day relationship challenges. The Modern Love is for people who are struggling to express themselves and have strong and healthy communication when it comes to dating, breakups or divorce, and marital strife.

Need Customized Relationship Advice?

We understand that all relationships are unique. So take this short quiz for you so that you can get customized advice for your situation and finally be able to have a thriving and deeply connected relationship that you’ve always wanted for yourself.