The LAST CALL (An Update On My Communication For Commitment Training Program)

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Hey there, I hope you’re having a good weekend.

I just got finished trying out putting together a new tent that we ordered.

We’re planning on going camping in my mother’s backyard one of these weekends when we have some good weather (To get my daughter some fresh air, and to allow my mom to spend some “socially distanced” time with her granddaughter) — weird, I know, but these are the times we live in…

Anyway, here’s…

An Update On My Communication For Commitment Training Program

On Tuesday, I sent out an email asking if there was anyone interested in a free training program that I was planning on holding as a “test run” for a potentially larger communication course I am thinking of putting together.

I didn’t want to start this project if you didn’t want it… so I made a Facebook group and invited you to join it.

If enough people (250 or more) joined the group, I would go ahead and create the free communication training.

Well… Um… Enough People Joined

So, I am going to hold this free training starting next week.

On Sunday June 7th, 2020. I will approve everyone who requested to join the group.

And we will get started with the first lesson sometime the following week (once I put it together).

The Last Call

From here on out, ONLY people in this Facebook group will get updates about the training.

(Some people that follow me are not interested in communication for commitment and tough situations, so I want to be considerate of them.)

So, if you want to participate in this free training that we will be kicking off next week, then I highly recommend that you join this Facebook group:

That’s It For Now

Well, I’m off to spend the rest of the day looking over our new tent and talking about camping with my daughter (so that she’s emotionally prepared for camping in grandma’s backyard).

Talk to you soon.

On Your Side,


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