Modern Love

Online Courses

Self Healing and Relationship Prep

The Compatibility Code

A course for those who have had troubled dating or being in healthy and loving relationships due to limiting beliefs, unhealthy thought patterns and traumatic past. In the Compatibility Code, you’ll learn how to rebuild your relationship with yourself, uncover and change beliefs that hold you back from bringing the best version of yourself to relationships. Prerequisite: The Ex Solution Program, Loving Boldly or Dating Bravely

Breakups and Healing

The Ex Solution Program

The Ex Solution Program is an online course for men and women experiencing a painful breakup and they want to reconcile with their ex and create a stronger and better relationship than ever before. Members are taught high level healing strategies, the Advanced Relational Skills to strengthen the foundation and change the dynamic in their relationship during this reconciliation process. Prerequisite: None

Men and Dating

Dating Bravely

A course for men wanting to learn how to navigate dating in this modern world and find a lasting relationship. This course is for men who are serious about dating and finding a committed and loving relationship. (This is not a pickup artist course for men who only want to have sex with as many people as they can. Prerequisite: None

Women and Dating

Loving Boldly

This course is for women wanting to date with the intention of making a deep emotional connection that can be a solid foundation to a healthy and loving relationship down the road. This course isn’t about getting a “ring on your finger” as soon possible, this is about creating relational skills that will inspire that relationship you’re looking for. Prerequisite: None