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[Note: I highly recommend that you carefully read all of this if you are interested in learning how to communicate for commitment or in our upcoming communication course]

Hi, this is Clay and I’m hoping that you have a little time today to pull up a chair and have a little conversation… In fact, I think it’s long overdue…

Pull up a chair and let’s have a heart-to-heart conversation…

Pull up a chair and let’s have a heart-to-heart conversation…

Something BIG Has Been Brewing
(But Brewing Nonetheless)

I’ve been a relationship coach for a very, very long time. I remember uploading my first YouTube videos back in 2011, back when there were only 2 other coaches posting on YouTube (both of which have gone on to other things… but that’s a story for another day).

And I’ve learned a lot over that time, for sure.

Getting the success stories (wedding photos, updates about new kids being born, etc.) from old clients has been truly touching and humbling.

But what really struck me, was about a month ago, I sent out a survey to you to see what you most want help with.

And, although I knew that there were people out there dealing with very challenging communication situations and stubborn partners, I didn’t know how common it was.

And I asked you if you’d like to participate in a free course on communication…

…And, To My Surprise, I Received HUNDREDS Of Comments And Messages From People All Around The World!

I honestly, thought it would be a stretch to get just 250 people interested in the course.

But over 750 people joined us in our Facebook group! (Some of whom have already applied what they learned to have great experiences or even save their relationship!).

I thought I was dreaming or hallucinating, with every post or thing that I did about communication.

It seems that I’ve really hit on something that you want help with.

But What Surprised Me The Most Was How Much Your Responses Impacted Me On A Personal Level!

All your supportive comments and encouragement through this really inspired and motivated me to continue moving things forward.

And for the first time in a long time, I started to feel excited about a new project.

However, through all of this, I never felt intimidated.

How I Came to Feel Intimidated

Through working with the people in the Facebook group, I’ve been getting a sense of what you need help with.

And going through your posts made me realize the immensity of what we are about to do together here.

Sometimes, I just want to get on a quick call and explain a concept or two to a person — but I feel like I can’t do that without being unfair to everyone in the group (all 700+ of you!).

I want to work with you and coach you and guide you every step of the way, and it seems that a lot of people want this too.

And I Agree! You Need These Things Too!

But it hit me that this isn’t going to be just some fun little project that I can do over a week or two.

I’ll need to clear my schedule and limit the amount of coaching calls I can take while we go through this communication course together.

And it also hit me that this course won’t be dirt cheap to either organize or take.

I don’t want this communication course to be about just a bunch of fortune cookie brush off advice like “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be,” or “Just do No Contact.”

You’ve already heard that advice before and it’s not helping.

I want this course to be more like a microcosm of my group coaching program. I want to be there with you to share in the victories and help you through your individual road blocks each step of the way.

What This Is All Coming To…

I am 100% committed to making this work.

It is important to me that all our courses and programs are high-quality.

So, if I go forward with this, it’s going to be all or nothing. I can’t go halfway with this.

I want this to be the highest quality communication course for relationships out there.

Let’s Talk…

Pull Up A Chair And Let’s Have A Talk…

Doing this course together, I am certain will be a learning experience for you.

But this will also be a learning experience for me as well.

I will need to focus in on what is most important to you, learn the best ways of explaining concepts and teaching you, and, of course serving as an effective mentor for you that will get you the results you are looking for.

The Founders Program (Exciting!)

When this course is officially open to the public, I want to make sure that everything is easy to understand and implement. I want to make sure that any technical issues that may surface are cleaned up, and I want to make sure that we can deliver the best results possible.

And I want to have a ton of success stories and positive feedback from the people that take this initial version of this course (you).

How You Can Benefit From This

I am considering getting together a handful of people (or maybe a handful-and-a-half) and working with them to help develop this communication course.

These few people will be “founding members” of this course, and will probably get a bunch of perks and benefits (of which, I’m still weighing out what those might be…)

But There’s A Trade-Off…

I’ll need you to give me lots of feedback and participation along the way. I’ll want to know how concepts resonate with you, if I did a good job of explaining certain things, and, of course, what your experience was like implementing the strategies and tools that we cover.

And, In Exchange For This, You’ll Get Some Nice Perks 🙂

Are you POTENTIALLY interested in being a part of this?

At this point, I’m not looking for any commitments (after all, I haven’t even decided on the price yet…).

…But if you’re POTENTIALLY interested in being a part of this, please fill out this short survey, letting me know a bit about what you’d like to see covered in this course.

***IF*** I decide to move forward with this program, I’ll send you more details in the next few days.

On Your Side,


Please take a moment and fill out that survey above…


  1. Nick

    How much will this cost if you we get picked to help out with the initial course? You say it’s going to be expensive. 😕

    • Clay Andrews

      I’m not sure yet. That’s why I’m asking you to fill out the survey. But I’ll post an update when I have a better picture.

    • Lynn Garofalo


      I would like to see content about how to communicate in ways:

      – that get a person to feel safe to open up

      – that you can freely express your feelings without pushing the other person away during conflict

      – that foster am emotional connection

      Just to name a few

      • Tanja Weeks


  2. Lynn


    I would like to see content about how to communicate in ways:

    – that get a person to feel safe to open up

    – that you can freely express your feelings without pushing the other person away during conflict

    – that foster am emotional connection

    Just to name a few

  3. Veronica Karlsson

    How to practice connecting on a deeper emotional level (especially when you like me have some issues of fear of intimacy)

    How to practice not taking things personally when you’re in a conflict (being on the same team)

    How to draw the line between being spontaneous and “too much” when reaching out to your ex

    How to maintain being connection focused and not relationship focused

    • Amro Gaber

      Hello Clay,

      I would definitely like to take part. I am adhd introverted so communication has always been difficult for me. I wish I can communicate to my ex who’s an extrovert that I can still be attractive to her as an introvert. I hope your course dives straight to the point though and has creative acronyms and take aways so it will be easy to remember and apply. Also, make sure to consider marriages and children into the equation because that also effects communication.

  4. Kris Craig

    Hi Clay. I posted yesterday about how receiving information and strategies on bringing the communication down to an emotional level would be of benefit. Just saying “increase the emotional connection“ isn’t helping me. Examples of what that looks like-words to use. Phraseology, etc. I’m not looking to memorize a script – I just need to know what it looks like to make sure I’m doing it correctly.

    • Geo

      I totally agree here.

    • Kym

      Hello there Clay,
      I would like to take part in this, but I am worried about the price. If it is rather expensive I hope there will be payment plans for people like me who do not earn very much at all but still are trying and willing to do anything to get there love of their life back.

      I would like to learn everything about communication as my other half and I are bad at communicating but i am working on it and i am not getting any where. So this is why I have been trying to learn from you and your vids but I am not doing good. This is why I am willing to do this with you and hopefully the results will be breathtaking ( I know alot over the top) . Help is what in need to get my relationship back, please help!

  5. Michelle

    Hi Clay
    I’m looking for topics, subjects etc. to discuss with my ex, new things, deeper things, that will naturally bring us closer as we share them with each other. We are LD and I want to engage him deeply and emotionally without being too relationship oriented.
    Hope that makes sense

  6. Jim

    I would be very interested in this course to learn how to connect with my ex or for that fact to be able to connect with people .

    To learn how to build a stable connection without fear

    to be be open without fear

    to be able to communicate without fear of pushing the other away

  7. Greg Moss

    When we were together we had no problem with communication. Now we really don’t talk that much. She has shut down. HELP! 😂😂

  8. Veronica Ramirez

    Hi Clay,

    I would like to see some examples to connect on an emotional level and get my EX to open up. As stated above I’m not looking to memorize anything to say script wise I’m just concerned I’m interpreting your lessons wrong and I am afraid I’m pushing him more away than closer. I understand that it will take time and I’m working on myself currently to work through my negative habits and insecurities that contributed to it ending but I guess I just don’t know what to say than surfaced level stuff like how’s work ect and I definitely don’t want to talk about myself all the time because I don’t want to give him the impression that I’m just saying those things to to win him back. Its so hard, I really love him and want to make it work I just don’t want to much time to pass making to many wrong moves instead of the right ones language wise.

    So I agree with the others above who said how to communicate in ways:

    – that get a person to feel safe to open up

    – that you can freely express your feelings without pushing the other person away during conflict

    – that foster am emotional connection

  9. Linda

    Hi Clay
    Helping with when he says maybe he will come see me when I ask him to come and see me but there’s no exact date arranged…how can I get the date arranged without going back to square one which was even hard to get him to say even maybe…

  10. George Schmidt

    Hi Clay, I’m interested in being a founding member in your course & would love to be of help to you!

  11. Derik

    Hey Clay,

    I think there’s a big issue people face in feeling worthy anymore after feeling abandoned and after failing.

    Self forgiveness is a huge and difficult task that keeps us stuck in damage control mode and being relationship focused.

    Then another thing is when the dumper pushes us away, how we must respect their feelings, however, holding on to our own unexpressed feelings feels like dying inside too.

    This is tricky stuff… to not feel like dying and to feel worthy.

    • Alexander Bell

      I totally agree.

  12. TANIA

    Hello Clay,
    I have been following your advice regarding my ex. He broke up with me via text. He suffers from depression from time to time. I felt like he pushed me away at this time, and he feels guilty to reach out to me.
    I did no contact for 2 months. I reached out following your guide to advanced relationship skills.
    I need more information on how or what I can say or do to make him feel safe to open up to me.
    I would love to be part of your program so I can feel confident & value myself more to communicate with him.

  13. Rob

    Congratulations Clay on taking the first steps towards the ‘Communicaiton For Commitment’ program, I am excited and I hope to have an opportunity to contribute to it.

    Truth without love isn’t truth (it’s manipulation, vindictiveness, control, etc.), and love without truth isn’t real love. I hope this course will touch on this.

    Looking forward to seeing more details sooner rather than later! 😉


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