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The 5 Upgrades to Your "Love Operating System" That Will Put You in Alignment for Your Ideal Relationship

Clay Andrews - Relationship Expert, Co-Founder of Modern Love

How to change your thoughts and emotions to put you in alignment for the love that you want... So that it becomes inevitable that you will get the loving relationship you desire

We’ve Identified 5 Blocks that Keep You from Being in Direct Alignment for Getting the Exact Loving Relationship That You Desire

  • You Are Stuck on Your Limiting Stories: It is difficult to have a great relationship with the right person if you are stuck projecting your own worst fears, insecurities, doubts, and catastrophe predictions into the situation. The truth is that you can easily end this so that you can make love a game that you can easily win.
  • You Are Letting the Fear of Rejection Keep You Stuck: Rejection can seem scary. Whether you are approaching an attractive stranger or mustering up the courage to tell someone how you really feel. But rejection doesn't have to be an obstacle, if you learn how to navigate around it effectively. 
  • You Are Putting the Other Person on a Pedestal: I get it. They are attractive and you want to win their approval so you can have a great connection. But connection isn't going to happen by separating them from you and seeing them as a perfect person. Let's take them off the pedestal and discover how to actually create the connection you long for.
  • You Are Still Stuck in the Past: Your past relationships, breakups, partners, disappointments, etc. aren't doing you any favors when you hold on to them. In fact, they are keeping you stuck in the past, and robbing you of a future relationship and love worth living. I want to show you how to let go of the past so you are free to love fully and completely in the present.
  • You Don't Have a Clear Picture of Who You Want: Most people don't have a great idea of who they want to be in a relationship with. This is important because it helps you turn love from some sort of game of chance into a game where you can actually win. It lets you know who to commit to and when to keep moving on. I want to help you get clarity with this.

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