Be Loved For Who You Are: A Handbook for Taking Control of Your Love Life from the Inside Out

The root of any successful relationship begins within you, not outside of you. If you can’t love and accept yourself on a deeper level, how are you able to accept their love? Be Loved For Who You Are is about taking control of your love life by changing how you perceive yourself and bring yourself to the interactions you have with other people. This book will help you liberate yourself from negative beliefs and patterns that don’t serve your love life.

The Self-Esteem Solution: Rewire Yourself for Dating and Relationship Success from the Inside Out

Our self esteem impacts the relationships in all of our relationships. Have you ever said “yes” when you meant “no”? Have you ever settled for “crumbs” when you knew you wanted a bigger slice of the relationship pie? Are you afraid to speak your truth or fear that you’ll be left behind if people really knew the ‘real’ you? If you’re ready to change the outcomes you’re getting in your love life by increasing your self-esteem, this book is for you.

What REALLY Went Wrong?: How the Hidden Forces Behind Your Breakup Reveal Exactly How to Get Your Ex Back

Not all breakups are equal, there are several types of breakups which are all equally painful. If you’re experiencing a breakup and you want to know what went wrong so that you can fix things or at least not carry those same mistakes to your new relationship, pick up your copy of “What Really Went Wrong?”

Get Your Ex Back: The 4 Things Your Ex Needs You to Do to Get Back Together

This book isn’t more nonsense about text messages or making your ex jealous—let’s leave all that for the middle school pre-teens. This book is for people who want to get their ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back and create a better and stronger relationship with them than ever before. This is for people who want to have the RIGHT tools to get their ex to open up and get them to want to start over and save their relationship. Your ex needs you to do four simple things before they’ll even be open to the idea of being with you.

Get Your Ex to Open Up: Conversational Skills for Getting Back Together and Saving Your Relationship

Get Your Ex to Open Up will teach you how to express your feelings to your ex during those critical moments without triggering defensive behavior or emotional distancing. You will also learn how to receive communication from your ex as well so you can transform potentially hostile or negative words into the opportunity for deeper connection and commitment. This is for you if you’re not sure exactly how to communicate how you feel with your ex or your partner. And you’re ready to take your communication to a new level to get your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back.

The 5 Phases to Get Your Ex Back: Where You Are Now and Where You Need to Go to Get Your Ex Back

When it comes to getting your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back and saving your relationship, there is actually a fairly common and predictable path toward reconciliation. By understanding human psychology and emotions, you can navigate your way through the seemly unpredictable and confusing emotions of your ex. If you’re interested in learning how to get your ex back, this book will open your eyes to the hidden interpersonal dynamics that are at play so that you can be better equipped to handle your ex’s unpredictable behavior, objections, and moodiness.

The (ACTIVE) No Contact Rule: How to Get Your Ex Back and Inspire Their Love and Affection

Many people have heard of the “No Contact Rule” and they use it as a form of getting their ex back, hoping that simply ignoring their ex will help them reconcile. Unfortunately we call what most people know of the “No Contact Rule” as Passive No Contact (PNC). If you want to know a different way to truly inspire your ex’s love and affection back without resorting to manipulative tricks, this is for you.

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